29 June 2016

life choices

This morning I was sitting at the dining room table, when I glanced outside and my jaw dropped.

That dog was eating my flowers. Literally chomping off the blooms and swallowing them. I could not believe it, so I watched and sure enough, she ate another one. Like a fucking gourmet dog salad.

I thought I was not watering them enough, or the light was wrong in that spot.
But the problem was that the horrible dog has been snacking on my flowers. I could cry.

I can't plant a garden because she will destroy it. I can't put anything in the flower beds because she will trample them. I can't put flowers up on the porch because apparently she will fucking eat them.

Too bad they aren't poisonous.

I'll try to find a cheap baker's rack or shelves to put them on, out of her chomping reach. I'm so mad.


Drew said...

I would not even be able to deal with that. Super uncool.

Suzy :) said...

"too bad they're not poisonous" lmao