19 June 2016

Flowers, Flowers everywhere

Yesterday's pool day was so fun that I didn't even take any pictures. I needed that. Did it really happen if I didn't instagram it? We'll never know.

My body insecurities went out the window because I decided I didn't give a fuck. Plus after the pool party I dropped Ashley and Calvin off, and one of Collin's friends later asked Ashley if she could hook us up. If I'm cute enough in my post-pool-party grossness to get a second glance, I must be doing ok. Thanks for boosting my self-esteem, guy. If I end up single, we're hanging out.

So anyway this morning I slept until 11. It felt SO good to get a solid night's sleep. I woke up, had breakfast, then paid some bills.

Even with my must-save-money phase in serious swing, I decided that I had enough money in my bank account to go get some flowers. So I traipsed to the local nursery and spent an hour wandering the greenhouses. Grabbed whatever caught my eye. Filled my carts with abandon, leaning towards the hot pinks, yellows, and oranges. I wheeled my carts to the checkout, sweaty, with dirty feet and a sense of satisfaction. Ah, so pretty. (That's not a real person, although it looks like it. It's just cutout.)

I prepared to cringe at the checkout, but only $100 and change later, I was ready to florify. Andy did some quick quality control.

I picked the sizes perfectly, because most of the plants went from the nursery container straight into the pot with no added dirt.

I should have snapped a pic of each plant individually, because I snagged some really unique ones. Some I'd never seen before. I found a bucket of some flower that I'd pinned on pinterest a while back. I even got some cool ornamental peppers. If they live, I'll go back and snap a few pics.

The afters:

Turtle got some Lemon Drops, which love full sun and humidity so I should have gotten like 20.

I always avoided hanging baskets on the front porch, even though there are very convenient hooks begging for foliage. Why? Because hanging baskets are ugly. Like, the basket part. Fortunately these trailing vincas cover up the ugly basket part-- Vincas always make my heart sing. The curb appeal just got boosted.

So there's my flower day. I hope they all stay alive!

My only regret? Not grabbing one of these cool guys.

The flowers were huge, but it's more of a tree than a small flowering bush so I passed them up. Now I wish I had gotten one. They're so whimsically Dr. Seuss-ish. I may go back.

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