20 June 2016

Things I'm loving lately

Spray sunscreen.
No more greasy hands. Seriously. You just spray the heck out of yourself and go. Especially good for when there's no one around to sunscreen your back. Because skincare in the sun is important.

Black Box Wine.

Frank turned me on to this. He buys it because Chelsea doesn't go through an entire bottle in one sitting, like the good non-alcoholic that she is. I tried some at his place and I was surprised at how good it was. I ended up purchasing a 3-glass portion of Merlot to comply with the no-glass-containers-at-the-pool rule. I'd buy more. Especially because I spotted a 3 Liter Malbec at my local grocery store.

RTIC Tumblers.
Cheaper than Yeti. Works just as well. Running back and forth between biohazard areas and clean areas of the lab, it takes me a couple of hours to finish my coffee in the morning. I've been on the search for decent road cups that actually keep my coffee hot. These win. We bought 2 at the local Buc-ee's but I will get a couple more when I find myself in that area again.

That's all I've got for now.

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