01 September 2014

Laundry room madness

What's new? Not much. Just work, eat, sleep, etc.

However, a few weekends ago I randomly decided it was time to start painting the laundry room. So on a Sunday afternoon, in my underwear, I started painting over the ugly gold/mustard color with Kiltz.

Goodbye, ugly. (The pictures don't do it justice. The first and last are more representative of the actual color)

I originally wanted to paint the laundry room a mint color, similar to this color inspiration:

[Also I don't think my mint obsession will go away until I finally paint something mint. I'm thinking about that sherbert orange monstrosity]

After looking at a bunch of paint sample colors over the span of two weeks, the two colors we actually bought testers for and tried were Aqua Seawind (Don't you love the name?) and Echo Lake Aqua.

The color we liked most was Echo Lake Aqua.

As you can see, this is not mint. Mint just didn't look right in that room. Especially since it gets zero natural light. I'm trying to convince Chris we can cut a window in the door...

Anyway. Yesterday I painted it and now it looks fresh, crisp, and bright. It occurred to me that the color looks an awful lot like the master bathroom color, but after looking they're actually very different. The undertones in this one are more teal, the bathroom is more of a greyish blue. Again, the second picture is closest to the way it actually looks.

Oy, that door. Once everything was painted it became very clear that it is gnarly. Not even CLOSE to white. That's going to be painted... once we figure out the window situation...

Needless to say, this is not even close to being done, but at least the most disruptive part is done.

Painting... check.
New switch covers
Finding shelves that fit next to the dryer
Camouflaging the hot water heater
Adding hooks for broom, swiffer, etc.
Constructing a continuous shelf to cover the washer/ dryer.
Or... possibly stacking the washer and dryer. We won't make that call until we replace the water heater with a tankless one when it dies.

You wouldn't think a laundry room would require so much planning, but we walk through it multiple times every day. It's still pretty cramped with the dryer being so close to the door, but we're figuring it out. 

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