11 August 2013


The belly has been really ishy this week.

Definitely no gluten. It was probably due to my diet of hot dogs, lunchmeat, and chips. Of course, there were plenty of salads because I had lettuce to use, but I think they were no match for all the other horrible things I ate.

I drank lots of ginger ale this week. While pepto is great initially, it tends to have after-effects that make the recovery process from a belly ache last much longer. Ginger ale doesn't work as well, but it calms things down a bit.

This week it's back to cooking fresh meat, veggies with every meal, and healthier snacks. (Plums and grapes were on sale!) Hopefully the belly will calm down. I got some fresh ginger and I'm putting it in my tea, because I feel like the bubbles in the soda probably make it worse.

I'm also considering yoga but I'm pretty on the fence about it. I know for a fact that once the weather stops feeling like the surface of the sun, I'll be motivated to work out. It happens every fall. The change in weather urges me to get outdoors.

I dunno, I feel so funky lately and I'm trying to drag myself out of it.

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