10 August 2013


Last night after work I was feeling a little down. I really didn't want to go home and sit alone in my house--Again. Although the urges are fewer and more far between, I wanted to go out. To be in public. To be around people. To eat dinner alfresco. To sit in a coffee shop for a couple of hours. Something out of my norm lately.

Alas, last minute plans tend to not work out. Then Mom called me and said they were all drinking on the back porch. So, I went. I stopped at the store to buy two bottles of wine and didn't get carded. Merp. I suppose that's all ending now. I swear working at my last job aged me 5 years. People have started guessing my age accurately lately.

Anyway, it was better than sitting alone in my house watching What Not to Wear and being sucked into Say Yes to the Dress.

My Aunt and I can always talk about books. (Or how movies are lame and unoriginal nowadays.) But, more frequently, books. We both agree that we haven't read anything really great lately. I recommended Like Water for Elephants, and she still has not read the Harry Potter books. We'd both like to read the new one that she wrote under a different name. I've also recently read the Percy Jackson books.

We started talking about shipwrecks, all the stuff that's under the sea that no one knows about, and then discussed that maybe that should be our new book theme. Start reading books about shipwrecks. I'm sure there's a bunch out there.

My problem with books lately, much like movies, is that they're so predictable. It's like reading the same basic plot over and over, but with different characters. I did read a free Kindle book the other day that was not very well-written, but the story was just original enough to keep me reading. Also I was watching Orange is the New Black, and I couldn't predict many of the plot twists. That's what I want. I'm tired of the same old crap.

I'm also starting to see, slowly, more scripted tv shows. I stopped watching tv for a while there, because I'm so sick of the reality shows. I don't care about the kardashians or the duck men or the jersey shore or pregnant teens or catfish people OR people trying on wedding dresses and arguing about it.
Hey, MTV, how about actually airing things related to MUSIC? I haven't seen a music video on that station since TRL.
Instead of following idiots around with tv cameras and calling it entertainment, how about give some talented writers jobs,and start filming something that took some effort? Something that doesn't numb my brain and make me wonder what's wrong with the world?

I have no idea how this turned into a rant. I really just wanted to talk about books.

So, what are you reading?

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