23 August 2013


Got that weird "hungry but belly is upset" feeling. Don't know if I should eat, or if it will make me feel worse. Merh.

Finished up my project. Here's a little before & after:

This was purchased at Goodwill for $15 several years ago. For a long time it was used for kitchen storage. Since I have real kitchen storage now, I decided to use it for a nightstand in the guest bedroom.

I chose grey & white because it matches my rug and we happen to have grey bedsheets for the guest bed. I was thinking about mint or teal, but I figured I'd leave it a neutral color and look for a pop of color somewhere else. I sanded the top a little because there were water rings, then applied 4 thin coats of Zinsser primer. [It's so hot & humid out that I didn't want to do anything too thick and risk forever-sticky paint.]
Then, I applied 2 coats of white eggshell interior paint. The grey was the same type, but I got the tester size tinted since I only needed a small amount. Spray-painted the existing handles black.

With all this extra primer & paint, I think my next project will be that orange bookshelf, which is currently acting as a bar. I never did like that orange color, and the paint never cured right so everything sticks to it.

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