24 August 2013


-I'm having these daily sinus headaches again and there's no pollen so I can't figure out why. Barometric pressure? No clue. Not only are they annoying, at times they get so bad that I feel nauseous. It's getting quite* annoying. All I want to do is close my eyes until they go away.

-Started working on another project last night and stayed up late. I hate stopping; I like to keep going until it's done! However, this one wasn't going to be completed in an evening. I'm really excited to see how it's going to look.

-Made some perfect pancakes for breakfast. Seriously, they were pretty. I haven't made pancakes in a while; just haven't been in the mood.

-Funny- as soon as we ordered a new modem, the internet stopped going out. Not a single problem since it was ordered. I think I have to go pick it up today.

-I got a gift card from work for being a badass, and I decided to buy non-ill-fitting pants with it. Then I found out that Old Navy is discontinuing my favorite pants! I did get one pair in blue, because they don't have the other colors in my size. That just figures; I find a pair of pants that fit perfect and they stop making them. I got some in a similar style and I hope they fit. I'm so tired of pants that don't fit right! P.S. The blue is my first pair of "colored" pants. I'm excited!

-Merh I have to pay bills. That's no fun.

-It's impossible to think that I might possibly have my husband back by year's end. Like, BACK. For good. As usual I say I'm not keeping my hopes up, because it's all rumors and hearsay and nothing's final. But Oh, that would be nice. So nice.

*I've recently learned that while Americans use the word to mean "very," the British use the word to mean "fairly/slightly."

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