31 August 2013

State of the Health

Fridays are always busy. Yet, every Friday I wake up and think, "Today I'm going to go to my meetings, deliver my supplies, then mellow out for the rest of the day." Ha! Friday is always the busiest day of the week for me.

Yesterday, around lunchtime, I started feeling feverish. Flushed cheeks, chills, general fever-feeling. I thought, NO WAY am I getting sick on my 3-day weekend! I always seem to get sick on the weekend, or vacation. Not cool, man.

So I ate lunch and that seemed to help, then I got through the rest of my day still feeling borderline. Then, because nothing actually hurt, I went to the Miller Outdoor Theater with Andrea. Had a nice time sitting on the hill watching the performance.

After sitting in hellacious parking lot traffic, I made it home late and tired. At that point my throat was kind of sore, so I checked it out with a flashlight. Dread of all dreads: my tonsil looked red. Oh sweet baby Jesus, not the tonsils again. So I gargled with salt water and even dabbed a bit directly on it with a qtip. After the widsom teeth, I fully support the use of salt water to promote healing within the mouth. It helped so much.

This morning it's still sore, but thankfully has not gotten worse. I'm seriously hoping I can avoid a full-blown infection through the use of salt water and my leftover zinc supplements. I don't want to handle that intense pain right now, or ever again for that matter.

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