12 August 2013

california with my toes in the sand

I sometimes get the most random, intense cravings for frosting. Not cake, just frosting. I fully own the fatty fat fatness of that statement.

I never, ever thought in a million years that Chris and I would argue about sex. I figured money would trump all arguments, especially because we have different views about it. I also figured that we'd evolve in our communication skills so that we wouldn't continue to have the same. pointless. argument. over and over. I suppose that will be easier to do when our relationship isn't 98% verbal.

Not to mention, these particular arguments wouldn't even be happening if we were together. A quick boob flash can pretty much end any argument. While effective on Skype, I imagine it'd be even more effective in person. I can't wait to test that theory on a regular basis.

Long distance can only be done for so long, even in the strongest of relationships. I'm so over this shit. I'm scared at how easily I've adjusted to him leaving this time. I still miss him every day, but it's more normal for him to be away than it is for him to be here. That's scary.

Got some rosemary potatoes roasting for dinner. I've never roasted potatoes before. I hope they turn out good. I always forget how long potatoes take to cook until I stick a fork in them and they're nowhere near done.

Spent yesterday afternoon over at Ash's with Frank. Calvin is interested in his toes, rolling over, and Frank's iPhone.

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