11 May 2014

Chris's Big Deck

One of the first projects Chris completed at the new place is the deck. It's huge and weathered, but still sound. Yay for no termites!


The first thing we did to prepare was move the pile of bricks at the end. Unfortunately, they housed an infestation of roaches and I nearly died.

After Chris finished moving the bricks when I appropriately bailed, screaming into the house, he powerwashed all the wood & brick. Removing a layer of grime never hurts. Then, he stained the wood with Thompson's Waterproofing Stain. It looked like chocolate milk, but it dried a nice color and water beads up on it nicely. We even got to see it in action after we got some rain a few days ago. I am pleased!


P.S. We do plan to add gutters so that the downspouts don't empty right onto the deck. I don't know what they were thinking...

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Ashhhleeeyeyy said...

Chris's big Di-err- DECK. hahaha