10 May 2014

Painting & updates

Today, I finished painting my craft room.
Then, we finished the master closet.
Then, I started on the master bath. The color we chose was one that was on sale at Home Depot because it was mixed wrong. Kind of a blueish color. It'll do!

We removed the old light fixtures to discover that the hole was horribly off-center. Of course.
So now we have to patch the old holes and cut new ones and fish the wires through in order to install the new fixtures. Something tells me we'll be using the guest bath for a while until the master bath gets all spiffed up.

So, the majority of the house is painted, and we started moving stuff in! Robby came by to help with the big stuff. We will move stuff in all week after work, and I think we'll be staying there by the end of next weekend. How exciting!

In order to live there, we'll of course have to have the cable set up. I've been dreading/ putting off that call to Comcast because it sucks so much talking to them. Somebody make me do it.

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hmmppth said...

I could have helped you move! :/
I want to see the master bathroom color!