03 May 2014

Day 3 of home improvement

I'm fucking TIRED. And I smell horrible.
But I'm content.

In the interest of doing things the right way the first time...

Today I was supposed to remove all of the lovely shiny gold fixtures straight from 80's.com (toilet paper holder, towel bars, hooks) in the master bath, and replace them with the oil rubbed bronze ones we got last night. However, when I removed them, the holes and marks from the old ones remained and wouldn't be covered up by the new ones.

Our main goal is to do things right and resist the temptation to ghetto-rig. That meant that I had to caulk the holes, sand them down, and prime + paint. So, I got about halfway through that. I also scrubbed and caulked the baseboards to prepare them for eventual painting.

Still haven't decided on a wall color, but that can be a work in progress.

The color I was debating on for the master bath that I decided to put in the craft room is Slip by Benjamin Moore.

It's a light grey with lavender undertones. I got a little 8oz tester from Home Depot and painted a few swatches. Really pretty, but I don't think it's right for the bathroom. So, it's going into my room.

So, on my 4th day of straight home improvement-ness, I'll be painting my room. I figured I need to get my room set up first so I can get my sewing desk set up. There will be a need for curtains very quickly if we don't want the neighbors seeing us walk around in our underwear.

Other than painting, I busted out the oven cleaner and scrubbed the heck out of the stove's pop up air vent. It was gnarly. Now the only grease on that thing will be from MY cooking.

I keep asking Chris if I can rip random stuff out and he's like, "NO!"
He's no fun. But he's probably right.

What did Chris accomplish today? He worked in the morning, fixed a toilet, started replacing air conditioning vents with some lovely stark white ones, then powerwashed the deck area and prepared the garage floor for sealing/painting. Very manly stuff.

On the very last note, I finally lost one of the diamonds in my ring. The designer said that over the life of the ring, a small one might fall out. Honestly, with the stuff I subject it to, I'm surprised it lasted this long. It looks like a black hole in the middle of my shiny. Hmph. Luckily, Chris saw this coming and bought a couple extra stones when he got the ring. So all I have to do is take it in and have it fixed.

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