05 May 2014

craft room color

Not sure what to do with my time. Is it weird/ rude to paint while the painter is there? I feel kinda weird painting while the guy is there... painting. It's like, "Hey I'm paying you to paint but I'm going to hang out over here and paint too."

We hired a guy to do the main rooms, and opted to leave the small ones to save cash/ until we can figure out what color we want. The main rooms are all primed, and with that funky brown/gold/orange color covered up, it already looks so different. In comparison to the stark white of the primer, the baseboards all look yellowish. Ugh. Can't wait to see how fresh it looks with a fresh coat of white.

I started painting my craft room, and I just need to do the baseboards.

Speaking of, the color is perfect. [Benjamin Moore SLIP]
I love it. It's calming and energetic at the same time, and clean yet not boring. Check it out:





In the picture it's hard to tell, but it really is grey with a lavender tone. It's beautiful in person. I am happier with it than I expected to be. Even Chris likes it. Much better than the blue/green combo we started with.

Other projects around here include staining the deck, sealing the garage floor, replacing air vents, and painting the closets. Photographic evidence is sure to follow.

Also, someone needs to sign a lease on our rental because it's annoying getting 10 calls a day about showings, especially in the evening.

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