25 May 2014

updates on updates

Oh, hey there. Didn't see you because of my home improvement blinders.

I was talking to a neighbor yesterday about how Chris and I would love to join them this weekend camping at the lake, but we have wires hanging out of our master bathroom walls and we should probably take care of that. She and her husband are slowly fixing up their old house, too, and she said that you just learn to live with constant updates. We are just one big giant work in progress over here, in every aspect of that phrase.

Speaking of, we got the blinds in the office hung, so the neighbors jogging by and walking their dogs can't see me sitting here with my coffee, typing and coaxing the cat to poop outdoors.

 Well, 2 out of 3 got hung, since the 3rd set had the hardware stolen out of it. So the privacy is there unless someone crawls up into my bushes and takes a peek, and at that point they deserve to see something just for their efforts. Just another trip to Home Depot, which, by the way, should just get my paycheck direct deposited into their accounts. Also I'm getting really good at hanging blinds.

The garage sale went well. I ironically finally met a lot of the neighbors and made about $150. And this sweet little munker had a good time, too.

 At the end when I was closing up, I just started giving stuff away. One lady took a whole box worth of stuff. Good, because it's less stuff I have to shove in my car and donate.

Suze came by and saged any bad vibes out of the new place, and then we checked out the fancy Randall's down the road.

I have to go back today and start the deep clean of the old place. Hopefully we can knock that out quickly and efficiently. I want our deposit back. And I want to relax a little. You know, the finer things in life.

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