03 May 2014


What did we do yesterday?

  • Woke up with Chris.
  • Cleaned old house. Made bed.
  • Packed a few things.
  • Met with realtor to put rental on the market.
  • Went to new house, saw that the sprinklers were on AGAIN. Figured out how to turn those things off for now.
  • Slapped a quick coat of paint on the mysteriously stained bathroom shelves. Ah, fresh.
  • Managed to lock the oven door. Can't figure out how to un-lock.
  • Mom & Ash came over, went to Walmart to buy a microwave because the painter guy was late.
  • 2 hours later, we left Walmart with much more than a microwave. Lots of beer.
  • Dropped Mom off at home, sped over to the new house to meet painter guy. Now we were late.
  • Met with painter guy. He gave us a new quote for the new areas to be painted with a different color, and fixing the not-as-awkward-anymore-but-still-ghetto built-ins.
  • Painter guy gives us contract/invoice and wants half of the money now, half upon completion.
  • Painter guy (Ok, let's just call him Jose from now on) follows us to the bank, where Ashley and I get paranoid about whether or not this guy will take our money & run.
  • Withdrawal money, give to Jose. He has sawdust in his truck; obviously he's legit.
  • Go to Home Depot to get fixtures for master bath. Decide what we want, then put it back because I figured Chris would want to help pick it out.
  • Pick out new toilet seat.
  • Almost pick out knobs, but realize it will depend on what finish we pick for the rest of the master bath.
  • Take pictures of cheap washer & dryer.
  • Get back to house, eventually figure out how to install new toilet seat. Dried up pee gets everywhere. Eew.
  • Patch some of the gnarly stuff in the tub with a porcelain touch up kit. Laugh at how tiny the paintbrush is. Realize we will probably need 2 more kits to finish. Contemplate how much we stink.
  • The kid that used to live in the house comes by on his bike to say hi. Freckled & skinny. ADORABLE.
  • Figure out how to apply the frosted glass contact paper to the windows on the front door. Get into a groove. It looks pretty good.
  • Install new door stops in the rooms where the doorknobs have smashed holes in the walls.
  • Un-install speaker on the back porch. Follow wires through walls into the garage. Pull wires back into crawl space. Done. (ish.)
  • Shove pile of trash into a large contractor trash bag & add to the pile.
  • Decide it's time for a tiny beverage. Wait on front porch for Karen to bring Calvin over.
  • They show up with Pate, who calls the house cute, and everyone has a tiny beverage. Chris drives by in the middle of our porch party. We all wave.
  • Pate figures out how to unlock oven door!
  • More beverage. Turn on oven to make a pizza for Chris.
  • Frank comes over! Looks at air conditioning stuff. Chris and Frank count how many air vents need replacing.
  • Stand around and discuss house & paint colors & decorative air conditioning grates.
  • Play with Calvin in a box.
  • Realize pizza is still in oven. Frank locks oven again.
  • I can't believe the damn oven is locked again. Call Ash to get Pate's number.
  • Oven gets unlocked. I'm still not sure how that works...
  • At some point, people leave and I've had a little wine.
  • Microwave some chicken nuggets and tator tots. Clean up a bit.
  • Go to Home Depot.
  • Pick out fixtures for master bath (oil rubbed bronze baby!), and stain for deck. And a new water pump for the toilet.
  • Get home, shower, go to BED.

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Ash-a-ley said...

HAHAHAHA Oh. My. God. This was perfect and I was laughing the whole time. haha Dried up pee - oh God the thought just makes me gag.