21 December 2014

because sunday morning

I love Sunday mornings where I wake up and there are cookies & coffee. Then I get to enjoy them in the quiet house before hubs & kitty wake up. [bomb ass cookies that Ashley made. No hyphen.]

Looking around this quiet house, it's amusing to reflect on my cycles of house cleaning. Some times I am obsessed. The floors must be spotless, the clutter must be put away, etc. Then I cycle into giving zero fucks. There are leaves and footprints on the floor, laundry is in piles in random places, the kitchen counter has crumbs and a puddle of milk that splashed out of a cereal bowl... etc. No telling when I'll switch back into obsessive clean mode. Probably right when the dog comes home, which will drive me out of my mind and give me an eye twitch.

The doghouse that I mentioned yesterday got started, but turned into complete demolition when we discovered that it was in worse shape than we thought, and was built over an active sprinkler head. I'm telling you, the people that lived here before us did some weird half-assed shit. [hyphen] I'm not sure what the final solution about that will be.

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