10 December 2014

up in here

Holy crap. I'm never making pot pies any other way ever again. Biscuit crust FOR THAT WIN SON. And of course I made that shit from scratch. It's all I ever do. #Celiac life. I don't know why I'm feeling the need to write like I'm trying to speak slightly krunkish. You should hear how it's playing out in my head.

I didn't realize that Andrea got me a bottle of sparking wine for my birthday until it popped when I opened it. So guess who's getting accidentally fancy tonight? (And krunkish)
Pot pies and sparkling booze on a Wednesday night. Feelin' good.

Today was kind of a bad day. Lots of things went wrong at work. I think I had to troubleshoot/ replace a record number of meters today. And a printer went kaput. But... I wore my sparkly shoes which counts for something. But those shoes are NOT made for walking.

I think those things all even out.

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