07 December 2014


The season is upon us.

Yesterday Ashley and I woke up with our game faces on, and by 8:30 or so we were saying goodbye to Calvin and we were out the door.

By my calculations (ie credit card receipts), we hit up 14 stores. It was hilarity at times, and overall we had a blast. We knocked out huge portions of our Christmas lists and 5 favorite things, finished 12 Days of Christmas for Hubs-- and then some. We hardly bought anything for ourselves. And what we did get was like a calendar and I got a Christmas tree skirt.

I've got a few more gifts to find/ order, mostly for Chris's family and the out of town folks. I've also got a few to finish up because I decided to make them. That shouldn't take long once I get all of my supplies and get down to it.

Even though the budget is tight, and it's easy to blow it when you're out in shopping heaven, it wasn't too bad. Of course I have a handy spreadsheet that calculates it all up. I love spreadsheets.

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