20 December 2014


It's officially noon and I'm still in my pjs. I'm unwashed and enjoying my second cup of coffee.
Head hurts and I started my period yesterday. I forgot how much they suck. Heavier flow and cramps to boot. Stomach is sucking lately too. Time to make another appt for January. Hey there, copay!

I tried making cinnamon honey butter to give in small mason jars as gifts to the neighbors, but I don't think it tastes special enough to give as a gift. It's just average.

Paid all of the bills for next month. Already a new year, man. County taxes and POA dues. How very 30-ish of me. (P.S. I'm already mostly over being 30. I knew the anticipation would be the worst.)

Kitty has been very rambunctious lately. I'm thankful that she is in such good health. Lately a larger than normal proportion of my friends' pets are dying or sick.

Andy should be coming home shortly? We really don't know. There are a few things I'd like to get done before she comes home, like figure out the dog house/ garage situation. Yet here I am still in my pjs.

Family's Christmas party is tonight. I plan to spend most of it with a glass of wine by the fire.
Trying to get that Christmas spirit back- I've been fighting the drama and stress that comes naturally with this time of year. Part of me is looking forward to the holidays, and part of me wants them to be over already. I think that's normal.
Honestly it's not as hard to find joy this year as it has been in the past. Perhaps I'm learning to count my lucky stars instead of take them for granted? Or perhaps it's because this year I've been less focused on me and more focused on making sure the people around me have a good Christmas. Direct philanthropy does make me feel all fuzzy inside.

I did rather enjoy wrapping gifts at Ashley's last night. [Sometimes the best advice comes from unexpected sources.] I love how Calvin has decided that choo choo trains are something worth obsessing over, and I love how decorating her home for Christmas is a priority. You walk in and it makes you feel festive. We laugh that she's taking over the typical tasks that mom and I both excel at, like making wreaths and baking cookies. She's totally showing us up and I love it.

P.S. Isn't this pretty?

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