27 December 2014

Christmas recap

Everyone else is getting pregnant. I got a roomba.

This Christmas I got a total of 2 vacuums and I couldn't be happier. Andy, get your cute little dog butt back here because momma has new toys to try out! (It's estimated she will be finished with training around the 1st.)

Also making an appearance under the tree this year:
  • Kitchen Aid mixer. I may or may not have caressed it when I opened it. The kitchen counter layout is getting a makeover to ensure maximum perfect placement.
  • Gift certificate for a day spa. Facial, massage, pedicure... whatever I want. I plan on taking some days off soonish and starting them off right with some pampering. Thanks tooter muffin.
  • Wine glasses to replace the many, many that I have broken. These ones are sturdy and actually say on the box that they are break-resistant. The ultimate test begins...
  • A mini muffin pan that is built just right, and a cooling rack with no moving parts!
  • Pillow that is not flat. Hey, no more fighting over who has to take the lumpy pillow.
  • About 5 million pounds of candy.
A grand total of 4 days of family time this year. Two with mine (Christmas party counts), and 2 with his. Lots of wine and stuffing the face (and tummy meds- der). Also realizing that [everyone's] family is a little bit crazy? I was very glad to get home this afternoon and get some quiet time. Constant socialization is exhausting, man.

On the agenda tomorrow, the last day of this "vacation" that seemed to get away from me:
Checking stores for discount Christmas lights/ decor/ a pre-lit fake tree because the fresh ones seem to get more and more over-rated each year.
Taking down the existing Christmas decor. If it doesn't rain.
If it rains, we're going to get a Costco membership and take down Christmas inside. Or we might just lay around in our pjs. Bring on the new year!

*Actually, I was miserable the entire time. I would have gladly traded in all the gifts to skip Christmas this year. But, you gotta play the game and smile. Can't risk offending everyone, right?

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