31 December 2014

3, 2, 1

Turns out, kitty doesn't like fireworks any more than thunderstorms. Also, our neighborhood sets off a lot of fireworks. I don't remember there being this many on the 4th of July. Maybe we weren't home for that?

A series of events has led to me sitting on the couch in a hoodie and pj pants this New Year's Eve with a glass of wine at one side and the kitty covered in a blanket on the other. Toot smoking a cigar on the back porch. It's cold out there otherwise I'd head out and toot with him. Speaking of, he just knocked on the glass door and wrote 'I -heart- you.' Or, the heart might have actually been a penis. Same thing?

Watching some NYE show on tv and I have no idea who half of these artists are. This piece of information pairs well with the scene I just described, huh?

Andy has been given the go-ahead to come home on Saturday. Except Chris won't be available until Tuesday to pick her up and apparently according to the trainer I'm not an acceptable option. Officially fucking offended. [to be honest I was torn between not wanting to drive all that way, and wanting to be there for the handover.] I might try to take that Tuesday off work, depending on my boss's mood.

Got about a million topics in my head, but this doesn't seem like the right time to pour them out.

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