18 December 2014


Since the first of the month, we've slowly decorated for Christmas. Especially the outside. a strand here, a strand there. This past weekend we got a few more lights up, and a new blow up thing. We're officially blow-up people now.

The problem is, we had put up a ton of lights, but because the lot is so much bigger than we realized, it didn't look like much. Even our "Christmas moose" looked small and lonely in the big dark corner of the yard.

So, we headed over to Chris's dad's place to take some decorations they've been meaning to get rid of. Holy moly. They have a ton of stuff. A whole truckload. Little by little, it's going up. Honestly we probably won't be able to get it all up before Christmas is over!

We joke that the front of the house is modern with LED lights and blow-ups, while the side of the house is vintage with incandescent lights and wood cutouts.



I suppose I should put up inside pics as well.

They have hayrides going through the neighborhood to look at the lights. I think it's a little creepy, especially when we were out getting the mail the other night and one drove by. Um, hi?
Also now that it's getting closer to Christmas, it's getting busier. Last night for hours we saw people hanging out of their cars shouting "Merry Christmas!" It sounded like a big rowdy party out there. What an odd way to get rowdy.

To be completely ironic, we plan to be tourists in our own neighborhood and go on one of them.

P.S. I officially don't miss the dog. I kinda feel bad about that. Wonder how I will like her when she comes back.

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