22 March 2015

determined gardening

Woke up with a dick of a headache, but it stopped raining and the sun was trying to peek through. I was determined to plant flowers.

I took a bunch of drugs, then went to Home Depot to get a few things + flowers. I looked everywhere, but was unable to locate much else besides impatiens and petunias. Definitely no vincas.

Disappointed but not deterred, we headed to the local nursery. There was much more variety, but still no vincas. Thinking that it might just be too early in the season for them (last year I spotted them in stores during the summertime), I headed back into the greenhouses. After a short search, I located their telltale leaves. After confirming with one of the employees that there were no larger vincas, I got two pallets of the baby vincas.
I was planting them today, darn it! We also brought home a citrus tree. I wanted a lemon tree but Chris wanted a different one, and either way they're useful, so it came home. The flowers smell lovely.

The sun poked through, and I rounded up the dog and the cat for mandatory fresh air, then dug the holes for the flowers.

Each side got two rows of flowers, alternating between a blush color and a pink color. Or, at least, that's what the tags said. We'll know for sure once they bloom! IF they bloom!

Hopefully soon visitors will be greeted with pretty flowers instead of empty dirt.

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