09 July 2016


So my hormones are definitely doing something different.

The first clue: My skin.
Which is always an indication of my hormones changing.

Lately, my face has been super clear. Which it hasn't been, ever. I can't even find a blackhead to mess with. Cool, I'll take it.

The rest of my body has had random episodes of what I thought were bug bites- hello houston summer mosquitos- but they have turned into rashes and patches of something that definitely does not resemble a bug bite. Previous creams from the dermatologist don't heal them, so I guess I'll be making another appointment for my next weekday off. It's time to get another skin cancer check, anyway.

Does firmly being in my 30's mean a hormone shift? This is uncharted territory. I hope it's for the good. Especially since my goal is to get off birth control in the next couple of years. Hel-lo tubal ligation. I expect a whole other set of hormonal shifts after getting off birth control. In the past it wasn't really fun, but with these natural shifts, maybe things will all work out.

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