31 July 2016

crappy garden

This year was a crappy year for a garden.

With the flooding early on and the lack of rain afterwards, even if I had gotten a good, planned, early start I think I would have been screwed. And probably much more disappointed.

Most of the plants I got a few weeks ago are still living. Some are pretty meh-looking. After figuring out that the dog could still reach the edible flowers, even after putting them on the cart, I moved them to the front yard.

Surprisingly, some sage I nearly killed last year is looking a lot better. And I planted some tumeric roots my coworker gave me after forgetting about them in a plastic bag for 6 months. They're doing fantastic.

These guys are hanging on, and the aloe is doing wonderfully. He's a transplant baby from mom's house, who was originally a transplant from Missy's mom's house. Gotta love hardy aloe. I'm still not sure if those "ornamental" peppers are edible, but really, are any peppers not??

One plant, for sure, will end up dying.

Because every time I went to water it, a bird would fly out and scare the hell out of me. Then a few days later, I heard cheeping.

When I took a peek, sure enough. There was a nest with three little birds whose beaks were open for food.

There's no way to water it without drenching the nest, and I'm certainly not going to drown little baby birds, so it will have to die. Or hang in there until the birds are old enough to fly away. Man, it had such pretty purple flowers, too.

I moved the roses to the flower beds, because I'd eventually like to see them planted. I'll see how they do in that spot in pots before transplanting them. The dog leaves those alone because of the thorns. Ha!

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