26 July 2016


I woke up at 4 o'clock this morning to a raging storm. Thunder, lightning, wind, rain, the works.

I always get a bit of anxiety during nighttime thunderstorms, because my brain automatically thinks of a tree limb slamming through the roof, or other catastrophic damage. Usually I can settle myself down and go back to sleep.

But then I remembered that the dog would probably be scared and might pee in her cage, which I'd have to clean up in the morning, making me late for work. And the dog food I left out would be soggy and would need changing. Also the roads might be a bit flooded, so I should plan for that.

Never mind that the dog is pretty chill during storms, and the roads have only flooded during major back-to-back downpours.

The thing that kept me up was remembering that the sprinkler system was programmed to be watering at 4am on a Tuesday. While it was raining. I tried to shrug it off and go back to sleep, but all I could think about was that the damn sprinklers were going full blast during a rainstorm.

So I got up, turned off the alarm, put on my rain boots, and tromped to the garage to turn off the sprinkler system. Checked on the dog, who was sleeping right through it, and went back to bed.

Those early morning antics, combined with the fact that it was a "Tuesday after a working weekend" made today especially draggy. It was one of those days where at 330pm I had to give my boss puppy dog eyes and say, "I haven't eaten lunch yet!" And it was one of those days where a big hurty zit appeared on my face. But that's ok. I made it. I get to sleep in tomorrow.

Tonight I'm finishing off that bottle of wine. Wine is good for your heart, dammit. I've got crock pot freezer dump soup already ready for dinner, and it actually smells pretty good.

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