25 July 2016

the after work stuff

It's one of those days where I got absolutely soaked on my way out to my car from work. Because I opted out of rock star parking in favor of a spot at the back of the parking lot under a tree. Shade trumps distance when it's over 100 degrees outside.

I don't mind the rain, because now it's like 80 degrees and the AC can stop running nonstop for a minute. Plus my car was getting pretty gnarly from parking under trees and the rain gave it a nice rinse. Plus I love the way the world looks after a nice rain.

I'm tired. The Monday after a working weekend is always sucky. The Tuesday after a working weekend is just one big countdown to the next day off, which happens to be Wednesday this time. I must need new shoes because my feet and back have started hurting after a normal day. Which only magnifies fatigue.

So anyway I got home and cleaned the floors- like a crazy person. Because rain does not mean clean the floors. They are just going to get dirty again, especially when the dog comes traipsing in. But I can't help it because they are so gross. The floors can be clean and I'll take the few minutes of happiness.

I snacked on leftover tuna salad and cucumbers while I cleaned out the freezer and made this- to stir half into cheesy grits, and half into a crock pot soup.

Second breakfast is going to rock tomorrow.

This "not drinking and trying to eat better" thing is boring. And yes I know I said I'd cut back on dairy and then I made cheesy grits, but I'm not a masochist. I can't cut it all out, and I didn't add any butter like I normally would. I can do without butter, but don't take my cheese.

Also there's half a bottle of wine sitting in my fridge right now, not being drank. I might just finish it off so it doesn't go bad.

And then go forward with this nonsense.

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