10 July 2016

Some quick randoms

  • I'm digging the Biebs lately. BUT. BUT. Watch the music videos! Those dancers stole my little former drill teamer heart. Someone made a good call.
  • Between the dog and this creepily cute caterpillar, which initially scared the hell outta me as I was deadheading:

    tersa sphinx caterpillar
    some of my plants are struggling.

    I snagged a cute cart at Pennywise today during my shopping trip with mama. It has wheels and it keeps some of the more delicious plants out of the dog's reach. Nuff said. The caterpillar was flung into my neighbor's ill-kept jungle of a yard. Happy munching.
  • This is the best toilet cleaner out there. It cleans under the rim of my 1980's toilets like nothing else. Get one.
  • Going to join the gym at work tomorrow. I've even got my gym clothes packed. Finally feeling like being healthy, motivated by sweaty stomach rolls that didn't used to be there. Cheers.
It's Sunday night and I should go to bed. Peace.

1 comment:

Drew said...

FYI, I just had to scour your blog for mention of "toilet" because I knew you mentioned a cleaner at some point and I'm on a seemingly never ending quest to find the best (read: easiest and longest lasting) method. Will add this to the list of things to try!