07 September 2013


I just woke up from a dream where Ashley and Collin moved to Hawaii. It was for some great opportunity and I was trying to be happy for them, but I was absolutely devastated. Mom was like, "Don't you DARE cry and make them feel bad about leaving."
First my husband, then my sister?? and sweet baby Calvin would grow up calling one of their random family friends Aunt? It was like Hawaii was slowly stealing everyone I loved. It was horrible.

Then I woke up and laid in bed trying to figure out if I actually wanted to get up. And I started thinking.

What if Collin & Ashley actually did ever move somewhere far away? I've never lived more than 30 minutes from Ashley my entire life. I can understand Suzy's free spirit, Frank's ambition, and Luke's desire to get the hell outta here. When Suzy comes into town it's like a parade; everyone gets so excited. I always mention my guest room and how it's so comfy and empty... I'd love to try and keep Suzy here but I know she'd be miserable. COME MAKE RAVE BRAS IN MY CRAFT ROOM! I HAVE WINE! AND SEQUINS!
Ashley and I have just never experienced what it would be like to live far away from each other. We don't even hug goodbye because it's like, "Hey see you in a couple days." I love having a sister close by and I have no idea what I'd do if they both left.

Or, what if Chris and I move away? What if we moved away from everyone? What if I didn't live near any of my family members? I just can't even fathom. How do people do that?
(Well, I guess it does depend on how you get along with your family.)

I honestly think that if I ended up not living near my family, I'd just pick one of them and move to where they are. Or strategically pick a place that's closest to the most of them. I really think I'd be absolutely miserable without them.

The thought of coffee finally dragged me from bed. Also I installed a new modem and it keeps going in and out. AGHHERLKLH internet problems. I was on hold for two 20-minute increments last night and didn't even get to talk to anyone.

Got to run some errands today as well. Do you think it's better to get something framed at hobby lobby or michaels?

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