08 September 2013


Internet is still out at my house. Can't even begin to mention how livid I am about that. I'm so disgusted with Comcast. Their service and customer service has always sucked. When it's finally back on, I'll be able to call and having them reimburse me for these days I'm paying for no service.

So, I'm without it until at least Wednesday, when I have to pay another $50 for a service tech to come over and take a look at it.

I don't realize how much I use the internet until I am without it. I'm having pinterest withdrawals! I want to Skype with Chris! I can't pay my bills! Or check my email! I'm without my normal distraction and am forced to focus on my thoughts, which remind me of how miserable I am.
On the whole, though, it's probably good that I take a break from the internet. I waste a lot of time screwing around on the internet. Plus, I can do most of those things on my phone, however slow and annoying it is.

I watched a lot of tv yesterday. I don't really like tv much. This is nothing new.

I'm currently at mom's kitchen table, using her internet to pay bills. I must have gotten some overtime because my last paycheck was bigger than normal. I'm not complaining, but I honestly don't remember working any overtime.

Ok, I've got groceries in my car and it looks like rain. Toodles until I'm connected again.

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