14 September 2013


I have made a conscious effort lately not to judge people.

I feel like I'm a pretty big supporter of the you do you attitude, but I'm not completely judgement-free.

I didn't even realize that I did it so often until I started getting daily twitter doses of Suzy's new life outlook. I suppose it's kind of inspired me to be a better person. Not be so bitter. I feel like in the long run it takes more energy to hate people than it does to just let it be and enjoy the quirks.

In the short run, it definitely takes more effort to take a step back, tell myself not to judge, and force myself to look at it a different way.

For instance, the other day I was in the elevator at work and a lady stepped in. Older- probably in her 60's, as Dolly-Partoned as you can get. Tight skinny snakeskin pants, one of those "one-size-fits-all nubbly tops with a vibrant pattern, big caked-on makeup, and long curly crunchy white hair, which I debated to myself was a wig.

As I stood there behind her in the elevator, giving her the once-over, asking myself what she was thinking and debating on the wig, I caught myself and forced myself to stop. So what if she looks a little... overdone? If that's what she likes, good for her. Then I reminded myself that if she's in the hospital, she's either got cancer, or has a loved one with cancer, is probably having a hell of a personal crisis right now, and I had no right to judge her either way. You go girl. Wear your snakeskin pants and live your life.

Same goes for when I see a really pretty girl. My first reaction is to think, "Oh she's probably a bitch," and avoid her. WHY? I mean, yeah I've met some pretty girls who are mean, but that doesn't mean they all are like that.

And just because someone doesn't smile back doesn't mean they are rude. Maybe they are just shy, or lost in thought. I know I've been mistaken for rude when I've really just been awkwardly shy.

Some of the nicest, most wonderful people I've ever met are people who don't look like it at first glance. I remind myself of that on a daily basis in my quest to stop negatively judging so much.
I've felt like I've needed a personal quest for some time now, and I think this might be it. This toxic attitude is no doubt manifesting itself outwardly in some way. I think I'll be a better person when I've developed this new healthier habit, and I might be more content with myself.


Drew said...

Yes, to the top part of this. I'm would totally consider myself an open minded person, and yet I'm am also a nasty, nasty judger. It's annoying how you can logically see you are being ridiculous, but still have the same knee jerk reaction. Do pass along any kernels of wisdom you discover in your quest!

Suzy :) said...

Hi, I LOVE THIS. Just so you know :)