11 September 2013

so many things

I chopped up an onion because I realized that the one in my freezer that I've been using is almost a year old. Apparently I only use < 1 onion a year. That dang onion stung my eyes SO BAD. Tears were a-flowin, and even now they're still all stingy. I heard somewhere that putting it in the fridge first will minimize stinging, and I almost went and dug out my old lab goggles, but the waterworks had already started so I figured the damage was done.

Dinner: Black bean tortilla soup with avocado and greek yogurt (instead of sour cream). Fresh baked cornbread on the side. Pretty good.

The cable guy came and now there's a bright orange cable running from the back of my house, across my back yard, across my neighbor's entire back yard, into the box. Um, okay. They aren't going to bury it, or something? Oh, Comcast. I also have a feeling they're going to charge me for the service call even though it's not my fault, and I'll have to dispute the charge. Fun.

I've been walking non-stop for the better part of the last 2 days. I have to update procedures in all 90 locations, and that's a whole. lotta. walking. My dogs are barking, and my neck is sore and it's aching all the way down my back. I might have to steal my comfy ugly lab shoes back from Ashley. That is, if her stupid dog hasn't eaten them yet.

I'm also doing 3-4 training classes a week. I'm actually getting really good at it. I'm proud of myself for how I've evolved in my abilities to professionally and confidently train groups like this. I thought I'd gotten some experience from back in high school dance team, but it's much different training peers and training people who are not only older, but out-rank you in both experience and title. The differences in what you say and how you say it might be subtle, but they're powerful.

We are in both the Joint Commission and CAP window right now. We're expecting them in the next few weeks, right after each other. Work stress will be through the roof until we make it through all the inspections. It's a really big deal.

Reason # 3451 why I can't wait till Chris is home: I won't have anxious dreams about work or anything else anymore. I swear, as soon as I got home and saw him, all stress just disappeared and I slept like a friggen baby and didn't think about work until I clocked in the next day.

Word on the street is mid-December. There is a chance that we get him back for Christmas! Oh, I can't EVEN. I just CAN'T.

I am looking forward to cooler weather. We're pretty firmly out of the 100's, but I'll be pretty happy when some 70's days are sprinkled in here and there. 

Ok, maybe a shower will wash out the sting factor from my eyes.


Suzy :) said...

PRO TIP: chop the onions next to the sink and turn the tap on. Idk why but this always works for me :)

Anonymous said...

How funny, I text her the same thing. :) Try it Nen, it works.