20 September 2013

same house, new look

So. I decided to party with a new online identity.

I don't miss the old; it's kind of like painting over avocado-green 70's paint in an old house with crisp white. Same house, new look. (And we still have wine!)

In addition to the new blog stuffs, I've been evaluating the people and situations in my life and deciding if they are good the way they are, if they need changing, or if it's time to call it quits. All for the purpose of inner peace & happiness. This may be my late-20's crisis, but at least I'll come out of it a better person.

I feel a little fresher. Although I still don't have it all figured out, the picture is becoming clearer.

Some things I've identified in several areas and am going to try:

Work: Looking into new transportation. There are several shuttles from my area to the medical center.
+ Might save some $ on gas and maintenance.
+ Be able to relax or zone or think or sleep on the commute instead of focusing on traffic.
+ Might make some new friends.
- Takes a little longer to travel. Would have to wake up a little earlier.
The point is, I won't know whether or not I like it until I try it.

Personal Appearance: Put a little more effort into it. I've been doing the bare minimum lately. When I look into the mirror in the middle of the day, I want to be pleased.
+ Start wearing lipstick. I feel like it brightens my whole face. Also try playing up the eyes.
+ Hair. Oh, the hair. That has gotten better, but is still sometimes a struggle. Keep working on that.
+ Clean out my closet again. Get rid of anything that I can't just throw on. Alter clothes that don't fit correctly. It would be nice to eliminate that daily source of frustration.

Daily Life: Little things.
+ Play with Pumpkin for at least 5 uninterrupted minutes each day after work. If I have to set a timer, I will.
+ Continue daily Skypes with Chris, as long as we are both available. He renews my soul even on video. I definitely married the right man.
+ Try harder to eat vegetables with dinner. I've improved over the last few months, but it's not a daily thing.

Enrichment: For the body & mind.
+ Renew library card. Free Kindle books get boring sometimes.
+ Exercise. I have a free gym at work that is literally on my way out. (Make sure the shuttle service leaves later or plan to drive that day.) Do yoga at home. Start jogging again. (This will be easier once it gets cooler.)

I even tried to do some youtube yoga in my living room the other day using the smart tv, but the youtube app wasn't working. So I fought with it for a while, then I got hungry and ate dinner instead. But hey, the thought and motivation was definitely there.

Socially: Not only to broaden my horizons, but strengthen relationships I value. Almost all of my friendships desperately need strengthening.
+ Get out of the damn house at least once every weekend and go hang out.
- Generally, the grocery store does not count.
+ Spending time with the Bennetts does. The other day I picked Calvin up after a nap and he started crying because I don't think he recognized me and got scared. That is NOT okay.

It's been raining the past few days, which means Pumpkin has not been outside and is seriously stir-crazy. I think we're both impatient for the cool weather & open doors.

To end this inner-peace post, a little bit of hippie-wisdom from my sister, from an encouraging email which reads like an insightful textbook and I can't even tell you how much I fucking love it:
"Negative people draw away from inner peace by introducing stress, anxiety, and general negative emotions into your life... It's vital to recognize these sources of negativity and remove them from your life, much like how you'd want to pull the weeds out of your garden to keep it healthy."

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