16 September 2013

so fresh and so clean

It might be time for a fresh start.

I'm desperately trying to form a new outlook, but I can't expect it to happen while I continue to do the exact same thing. Changes need to be made. I'm tired of wallowing around in the same muck.

I've already made up my mind about a few things, and it's already feeling right. A big one is shake the haters off. Well, not even haters-- I know some great people but they don't really fit in my life and I don't know why I feel obligated to keep up appearances*. It's okay; people grow and sometimes they grow apart.
I want to spend less time tolerating and more time enjoying. Spend more time with people and situations that enrich my life. Be more genuine and less forced. Juggle things so that they end up that way. Personally, professionally, even social networking-ly.

This extension of a chapter of my life is very near to a close. In a few months my life will be different. I'm so ready for that.

The fate of this dear blog has crossed my mind as well. It may be time to bring it to a close. I will definitely keep blogging, because I fully believe that it has kept me from going officially nuts. I do enjoy it.

So. New chapter, new blog? I mean, this isn't even my name anymore. It kinda feels like somebody that I used to know. < --- haha I had to

I can't figure out if I should just give it a facelift, because there's something to be said about continuity, or change the URL and party with a new online identity.

The question is, what? The idea is so novel that I haven't even thought about what it would be. It's gotta be fresh, relevant to my situation, but classic enough so that it can last.

And no, Christopher, your suggestions of I'mafuckingtoot and poopinmycereal are not what I'm looking for. :o)


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ashley bennett said...

I vote I'mafuckingtoot.