04 September 2014


Chris is on his way to West Texas for a weekend doing various manly things.

This is significant. I haven't spent a night alone since he's been home. I've hardly even spent more than a couple of hours alone in the last 10 months.
I haven't spent a night alone in this house, EVER.  I'm not 100% comfortable in this house yet. In fact, it took me a good 6 months to get used to the last house. Cue paranoia that someone is lurking in the shadows. Never mind the security system. I keep looking over my shoulder, feeling like someone is behind me. *Looks over shoulder* *looks over other shoulder.*

Which brings me to this crazy feeling... Alone used to be the norm. Now, he is the norm. How wonderful.

When he first came home, he would sometimes actually startle me because I wouldn't be expecting someone to be sitting on the couch watching tv or in the kitchen getting something to eat. It was difficult to sleep in the same bed. His crap was everywhere.

Now, we're used to all of that. Again, how wonderful. The normal I waited so long for is now actually my life.

P.S. The unconfirmed "ghost" moved the kitchen curtains tonight. More on that later.

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