06 September 2014

ghost ish

So more about this potential ghost.
It's subtle. This ghost is not an in-your-face type of ghost. It moves things around slightly so that you almost wonder if you are imagining it.

It's mostly things like seeing an open drawer or cabinet and I could swear that I closed it when I left the room a few minutes ago. Or noticing something has been shifted slightly when I specifically placed it a certain way.

For example, the position of the kitchen curtains the other night. I did the dishes, then checked on my plants- I have two small cuttings in water on the kitchen windowsill, and I'm trying to encourage root formation so I can re-plant. It's going quite well, actually. I like to keep the curtains open enough so that I can see my plants because I think they look pretty. So I checked on them, went into the office, and when I went back into the kitchen a while later, the curtains were moved so that one side was covering one of the plants. Now, I could swear that they were open because I checked on the plants and I would have noticed if the curtain was covering one. But, maybe I just didn't pay attention. Those types of things.

Overall, it's not disruptive and only a tad creepy, because like I said, it may just be me. And like Andrea said, now if only I can get the ghost to do laundry...

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