17 September 2014


Like I've mentioned before, I'm a huge fan of coffee/tea and dessert.
(Coffee with leftover cake is like the best breakfast ever.)

In the winter time I usually develop a habit of green tea in the afternoons, most of the time accompanied by cookies or something else sweet. I'm seriously looking forward to that habit. It's still too hot to enjoy a hot cup of tea at 3pm. I've got to give it a couple more months.

Regardless of the accompaniment, lately I've been digging cookies. Most recently, peanut butter. They've always been my favorite. But mostly because they're hard to screw up. Muffins, cake, scones, biscuits, and other baked goods of the gluten free variety area always fickle. Cookies turn out right 95% of the time.

I've got my old standbys of chocolate chip, oatmeal, etc.

But I'm always on the lookout for new cookies.

When I find those pumpkin hershey's kisses (any day now... the pumpkin craze is upon us), I'm making these chai pumkin spice cookies.

I saw this recipe like 2 years ago and kept it tucked away.

Also in the back of my mind are these cookies.

 LOOK at the sugar on the outside. Mmnom.

All right, enough about cookies. I should really eat a salad...

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