15 September 2014

weird things my husband does

Remember way back when, when I talked about how you don't know people's strange little habits until you live with them? P.S. Chris hangs his towel up now but still likes to leave his dishes about. I'm slowly convincing him to form new habits that include picking up after himself... Right now there's an empty beer bottle on the coffee table, and the chocolate milk cup from last night will surely sit crusting on his nightstand all day. *eye twitch*

Anyway. I've got a new one. We've lived together for what, about 10 months now? I've noticed this before but only recently decided that it's a regular habit.

When he pees, he flushes the toilet mid-pee. Not like normal people, who wait until they're done and then flush. At one point he said he likes to race the flush; try to finish before it's done flushing. However I've noticed that most often, the flush wins. Meaning there's traces of pee water in the toilet like all the time. Which is why I'm glad I have those Clorox tabs in the water tank. (Btw Those things are actually really great at keeping the toilet clean between scrubbings)

So anyway. That's another thing.
I don't think I have too many strange habits, besides being randomly anal about keeping things clean... bathrooms and kitchens are pristine, but floors and dusting are not a priority.

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Suzy :) said...

mom totally ingrained the kitchen thing in us from a young age LOL