10 September 2014

Laundry room progress

I spent a large part of Friday night bringing my newly painted laundry room back into a useful state. Kuz, you know, I will eventually need to do laundry.

1 and 2: I got these hooks a while back, and Mom gave me this really cute bird art that spoke to me during that same hobby lobby trip. After that, the room started to take on a bird theme. Hadn't really planned on that, but I decided to go with it. More on that in a sec.

3: This old washboard came from Chris's grandma. Haven't done much research on it yet to see if it's purely decorational, or if it was actually functional at one point in time.

4: Shelves containing many useful things, including dish towels and clothespins, but my favorite is my box of tools; most importantly, the picture-hanging tools. They'd previously been haphazardly thrown in a cardboard box and shoved in a cabinet. This is much better.

Back to birds.

Akhtar gave me this artistic owl drawing for Christmas a few years back, and it looks dashing next to the eyesore of a hot water heater. (Still not sure how to disguise that.)

On the wall opposite the machines:

Very useful hooks. I place an extra curtain rod across them and use it to hang freshly dried laundry. Also hung the street sign that mysteriously arrived in my possession one day long ago...

If you're wondering where all of the laundry soap and bleach and dryer sheets are, they're in the cabinets. Along with cans of paint, some miscellaneous vases, and 2 sets of patio lights. Among other things.

So that was pretty much my Friday night. A lot can get done when you don't drink booze and watch Desperate Housewives.

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