13 September 2014


Once again, I bought a can of coffee to use in the Keurig's little reusable filter thingy.
Hello, old friend. (Sue, Mom had it!)
Once again, it's terrible! I'm officially admitting that I am coffee-spoiled. Not to say that I won't drink it; I'll drink terrible coffee if I need to.

Which brings me to other things related to saving a few bucks. Now that Chris is back in school, we're committed to living on one income. After working so hard to be debt-free, accruing more debt is simply not an option.
We lowered our cell phone bill and cable bill just by calling and getting rid of a few features. Yes, it's a bit more inconvenient not being able to watch HGTV in the living room, and we have to be careful how much data we use on our phones, but we will get used to it.
We switch cars when he drives to school, because mine gets better gas mileage. I'm totally getting used to driving that truck. I even backed it into the parking spot the other day, on the first try. Hoss.
We've already learned how to minimize the grocery bills, shopping sales & Aldi.
I've even started making plans for Christmas. [We've got a lot of credit card points & such.]

Like I've said many times before, I spent 7 years in college; I know how to be poor.

I keep that joking that one day we'll look back and say, "Remember how poor we were when we were first married?" like everyone always does. Except we're not really all that poor compared to a lot of people, so it's all relative.

Hey there, mediocre cup of coffee.

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