05 September 2014

so yeah

Oddly enough, last night I went to sleep fine and slept fine. Except when Pumpkin found a bell ball in the middle of the night and I was woken up by jingles.

I kinda don't know what to do first. I literally have a list (I like lists, okay) of things I want to do. I should probably do something productive like organize my chaos of a craft room, but I'm not really in an organizing mood.

What I'd normally do is drink a glass of wine and watch Desperate Housewives, but there's no drinking on these drugs. Speaking of, I'm on a higher dose now. My mood has improved drastically, but my mood has not improved much. Not sure what happens next. Also, the second I turn down wine, people automatically think I'm pregnant. Not sure how to interpret that. I guess people know I like my wine.

Got my flu shot today at work. Yay for free flu shots!

It kind of amazes me that people pay for pets. I don't think it would ever occur to me to go out and buy a cat or a dog. But, I guess that's how people get pets when they don't find them outside of their workplace.

All right, enough random.

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