29 March 2015


Who needs a gym membership when you have an old house and a huge yard?
My muscles are feelin' the sweeping and raking and pulling weeds and painting and everything else we do around here. If I stop mid-clean, my little heart is pumpin' just like I'm getting a workout. Yeah. I'm that hardcore.
In other exercise news, now that I'm driving to work, I walk a little bit more to get to the parking garage. I've also been trying to take the stairs more. My old rule was if it was less than 3 floors down, I'd take them. Less than 2 floors up, I'd take them. Any more than that and the risk for being out of breath/breaking a sweat was too great. Now, I take them unless it's a whole bunch of floors.

Getting in the mood for spring cleaning. Dead bugs hiding behind the blinds on the windowsills? Prepare to be swept away!... and so on and so forth. I hope I can keep my sanity as everything will inevitably get filthy right after I clean it. Now that it's warmer, cat and dog hair is everywhere. At least I have Roomba.

Speaking of, he has no problem jumping the threshold to the back porch when we leave the door open. We've had to rescue him several times. Every time he ends up out there, I can't help but think of this scene from Wall-E. Poor little guy.

So anyway, who would have thought my obsession with clean would actually be sneaky exercise?

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