20 March 2015

RIP foliage

Things that got ripped out of the front flower beds today:
  • 3 deadish grassy bush clump type things. They came out really easy so I'm taking as a sign they had to go.
  • 2 small grasses- the kind that smell really pungent when it rains and are supposed to repel mosquitoes but in reality make the area smell like marijuana farts, if you can imagine that type of odor. Not how I want visitors to be greeted. I let two small plants stay just because they were not in the way of my flower vision.
  • 1 generic bush that looks like a bad hair day all the time, now matter how well its kept up and trimmed.
  • Rouge pomegranate and azalea limbs- they were starting to merge into one plant, I swear.
I hooked Andy up to the tree, so she could enjoy the fresh air and sunny day, and went to work. Pumpkin looked on from inside the house, perched on a windowsill.

I now have clearly defined areas where flowers will soon be planted. I've wanted to plant some ever since we moved in and I noticed the whole front is desperately void of flowers. The only flowering plants are tucked in the back, up against the house, where they are mostly hidden. Makes no sense to me. They should be front and center and visible and pretty! Not hidden by bad hair day bushes.

Vincas will line the sidewalk. We had vincas at the rental house and I loved how hardy and pretty they were. Bloomed no matter how much I neglected them. My kind of flower!

A rose bush might take the place of the bad hair day bush, but I might also opt for something low-lying so that it doesn't block the view of the azaleas. I suppose it will depend on what is available at Home Depot.

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