14 March 2015

weekend plans

I took the day off work yesterday so hubs wouldn't have to spend his birthday alone. 28! I can't wait till he hits 30 so I don't feel so old.
We slept in, got him some donuts, lazed around, then headed to my parents' house for crawfish. It was my dad's birthday too- I still think it's a little crazy they have the same birthday- so there was much merriment already in progress by the time we got there. Spent the afternoon hanging out doing crawfish-type-things, then headed out to get Chris some new shoes and hoped the dog wouldn't puke or poo from scrounging scraps at the party. No incidents so far.

I spent the evening making train-shaped brownies while Chris watched tv. The thing about train-shaped brownies is that there is a lot of brownie left over after the shapes are cut out. I had a genius idea to make "cake balls" with the leftover brownie pieces, but they're harder than they look. When it came time to coat them, it ended up being very messy and lumpy and sad. So I will decline to take those to the party, and will bring just the train brownies instead.

I was completely exhausted at the end of the day yesterday.

We have another busy day today: Lunch with the in-laws followed by Calvin's birthday party followed by borrowing some tents/ hanging out with friends at their place. Nope, I'm not going camping. Chris's friend is arriving next week and THEY have plans to go camping while I go to work like a normal person. I'm thinking/hoping they take the dog. She's not so bad lately, maybe I'm just getting used to her, but I have zero interest in being the sole provider of care while they're gone.

Tomorrow the normal items like laundry and groceries are on the agenda, plus a much-needed cleaning in anticipation of the guest. The floors... I'm not the floor cleaning person around here and the designated floor cleaning person has been studying a lot lately and it's been raining and we have that dog... so they're pretty gross. At least roomba keeps the surface dust at bay.

Oy, another episode of being an adult and talking about keeping the floors clean and I'm about to go balance the checkbook.

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