08 March 2015

almost... there...

It took me most of the weekend, but I'm mostly done with the paint. Just need to do a few spot touches and find a mirror and it will be a normally functioning bathroom. Never mind about the tub and its need to be refinished. That's for another day. (And by that I mean that's Chris's job)

I love the color. I love that the baseboards are now white and the caulk lines are no longer yellow & dingy and reminding me that it used to be a little boys' bathroom. (cringe)

Also I'm sore. Everywhere. I need to start working out man.

Some minor annoyances: The previous paint job was sloppy. I managed to correct most of the offenses with new paint, caulk, barkeeper's friend, and a razor blade.

The floors, however, are less easily solved. They must not have covered the floors when it was last painted, because there are about a million tiny paint splatters on the tile, plus smears where they half-assed wiped up larger drops and spills.
I naively thought I could clean them up with a good scrub- and believe me, I scrubbed- but they're not coming off of the tile. I think the problem is that these are not regular tiles; they are raw slate tiles, which should be really fancy even though they are dark green... but they were installed really badly.  The grout lines are impossible to get/look clean, the tiles are unlevel/crooked, and they are full of paint! Not fancy.
The only way I've been able to remove a single spot of paint is with a razor blade. Unfortunately that scratches the tile and you have to attack one little tiny dot at a time. Not exactly efficient. I think I might have to use a chemical solvent, but what to use for latex paint? I bet they make some kind of product.
I was able to ignore the floor while it was a crappy dark hole in the house, but now that it's a bright clean space the crappy floors are bugging me more than they should.

I know. I'll get a nice bright rug. Or two.

Anyway. The deadline for normal functionality (floors and all) is Sunday because that's when our guest will arrive. The hunt for a mirror is ON.

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