07 March 2015

boring stuff

Last night I came home to saltine cracker crumbs all over the floor, and a chewed-to-shit saltine cracker sleeve. I don't eat saltine crackers and I have yet to convince my husband that cleaning up after himself is a good thing... so he essentially left out a nice crunchy snack for the dog. Rather than bust out the broom, I plopped rooba right down in the middle of it and ate dinner. I love that thing. And the husband got a scolding instead of the dog. I'd much rather do NO scolding, but such is life.

We currently don't have a cable box in the living room since we moved it to the bedroom, since our 'free' cable got turned off last week. Fortunately, we are able to watch House of Cards on the living room tv. This new season moves slowly and has a lot of undercurrents. I'm ready to see some of the bold moves like past seasons.

I got out of bed with the intention to start making a test batch of choo choo cookies except I'm all out of flour. Naturally, the only logical solution was to make a batch of corn flour griddlecakes for breakfast.

On to do a bunch of bill paying and other adult nonsense.

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