28 March 2015

Boring ass Saturday recap

Adultful things done today:

-Quarterly review of the finances. I figured it was necessary since I planned to put my bonus into savings, but it disappeared. Meaning we spent it before it even hit the bank account, somehow. Upon review, over 1k spent on groceries this year? Yeah, we can probably cut back on that. And so on and so forth.

-Cleaned out the gutters. Well, Chris did. They were basically trough-shaped aerial weed gardens. Before venturing outside I went to grab sunscreen, but I threw out all of our expired sunscreen a few weeks ago and it turns out apparently all of it was expired. I tried to stay out of the sun but alas, it always gets me. I bought a tube of SPF 100 this evening (ALL the potential protection!), after the damage was done. Coconut oil helped after last weekend's sun exposure, so I'm back to slathering it on again. I love that stuff. It can do no wrong.

-Put a "No Soliciting" sign on the door. Everyone is always really nice when asking if you want a free estimate for paint, windows, etc, but it really is getting ridiculous. The other night we got a knock on the door at like 8pm and it was already dark and Chris was justifiably rude to the guy. Not to mention the menus and flyers and business cards always littering the front porch. Enough already.

Regular things done today:

-Frankish stopped by for a bit and it was good to chat with him for a while. I miss him. He said he liked the bathroom mirror, and then asked if the walls were pink, haha. Gotta love the effort.

-Chris keeps trying to pause the move We're The Millers at the part where Jennifer Aniston takes her pants off. He can just get the picture on the internet if he wants. Men.

Fighting the natural fatigue that comes with too much fresh air and sunshine. The wine isn't helping.

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