11 March 2015

bright and shiny and new

This is probably the last of the posts about the bathroom! Yay! I'm sure it's not as exciting to anyone else but me, but I'm thrilled. I love the transformation. I used to avoid it, but now I go out of my way to pee in there.

I didn't take many before pictures. Probably because I avoided its dungeon-like allure.

See that dark shadowy place over there? On the right?

And remember this ridiculous mess?

Today I got off work early and made a quick trip to Kirkland's. I can always count on them for a cheap mirror. Sure enough, I got one for 30 bucks. The bathroom has a mirror now!

Plus I hung up a painting that was laying around, and artistically arranged some bath items.

I found a really cool soap pump at Kirkland's, too. I like it so much I might go get another one for the master bathroom.

Then I got all girly and picked out some of our un-grodiest towels and put them in a bowl. Because fancy people do that in their guest bathrooms? (P.S. I just noticed our bath towels are looking a little shabby...)

Before, man.

Ah, After.

Please, come over and use my bathroom-- and my cool soap pump.

P.S. In the pictures the walls look more beige, but in real life they're pinker. I love it.


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I love it! I can't wait to pee in there!