21 March 2015

sugar and plants and social graces

Eating some of those reject brownie balls from the choochoo leftovers. P.S. Here's how the choo choos turned out.

The reject balls are ugly, and plenty sweet. Probably too sweet.

It's weird. If I avoid sugar for a while the cravings go away, but the second I indulge, BAM the cravings come back full force and I'm craving brownies for breakfast.
I had Beaver Nuggets for breakfast yesterday. The boys stopped at Buccees and Chris was sweet enough to buy me a bag since I pretty much hunker down and oink my way through them. Actually, that's the excuse he usually uses to NOT buy me beaver nuggets. But he indulged me this time.
BTW, I ate pecan pralines for breakfast the day before that.
Disgusting but I can't stop myself.

I got seeds planted a bit late, but I'm seeing sprouts. Parsley is taking its sweet time but the others popped up right away.

I'm going to let them get a bit bigger (ie more sturdy) before planting them outside. I had luck with that last year, so here's hoping. The squirrels seem to leave my pots alone at this house, too. Maybe simply because there are fewer of them.

Chris' friend just left this morning, so that means I get to hang out in my underwear bra-less again. He was fun and a good houseguest, though. I enjoyed having him around. He even lined up the shoes at the door. A guest who indulges/shares my OCD whims can stay as long as they want. Of course though it's pretty realistic for a Marine who just got out to be uber tidy. Either way, I'll take it.
With him and Chris occupied doing man things, I was able to use my free time to get a bunch of stuff done. I finally got a pair of jeans that fits, hung out with my mom, checked out the new Trader Joe's, bought a baby shower gift + the supplies to throw one at work, caught up on laundry, went grocery shopping, cleaned up the front flower beds, etc. Very productive and it's just now Saturday.

Of course the baby shower today will take up the entire afternoon. I keep telling myself that I CAN NOT bail on this. Even though it's about an hour away. But I already have the gift. But it's the entire afternoon. And it's raining. And I haven't spent any quality time with Chris. But I bailed on her twice already for other things. But I'm throwing her a shower at work on Tuesday so that will redeem myself, right? But it's pretty lame to flake again. But... let's face it, I am a flake. But I insisted on being invited to the baby shower. Merp. If history prevails, I'll tell myself I'm going to go all day, until it's time to get ready and then I'll say fuck it. But we'll see. If Chris is busy studying I might as well go. There, it all depends on Chris.

The dishwasher is making a different noise than usual. Not necessarily louder or bad, but different.

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